"Ms. Davis was a rare find and we were glad to have her assistance because she is flexible and able to work in all aspects of a nonprofit arts organization; operations, marketing and production. I think any organization looking for a jack-of-all-trades, or someone who can be beneficial for their entire team, is looking for someone like Crystal Davis. I also believe any business would be lucky to have her abilities, attitude, perspective and diplomacy incorporated into their organizational culture. If I can answer any other questions you may have, please contact me at casey􀁀@shrevearts.org. "
Casey Jones | Director of Marketing, Shreveport Regional Arts Council
"I'm delighted to recommend Crystal Davis as a graphic designer and digital marketer. As the game development program coordinator at DMI, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Crystal quite a bit over the past two years. She handled every aspect of our social media presence with grace and swiftness in an incredibly demanding environment. I can say with great confidence that she’s a wonderful graphic designer, talented photographer, articulate copywriter, competent video editor, quick study, and joy to be around. nolan.lee.baker@gmail.com" 
Nolan Baker | (current) MLB Game Developer | (former) Game Development Director, Digital Media Institute
Crystal provides top notch creative services. She is invested in the success of each project and is constantly building up her already stellar skill set. If you want fun, fresh and timely design services. jazminjc@aistudios.info
Jazmin Jernigan | Founder and Creative of Aesthetics Innovations, LLC
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